Chevy | Uber


Everyone loves free things. Everyone loves using Uber. Everyone should love the new Chevy lineup. In this concept, Chevy would team up with Uber to create the Chevy Free Rides event.

The event would travel across the country, hitting major markets/cities, utilizing the great new Chevy lineup as Uber cars, and offer free rides to the users for a weekend.

This ‘forced’ test-drive allows for people to experience Chevy in a whole new way. And because they are not driving, they can focus their attention on the cars themselves.

Chevy would work with Uber to modify it’s app to allow a user to chose Chevy as the pickup instead of standard Uber, Uber black, etc.

The event would be supported by a full digital campaign. The site would should where and when the event is hitting your area, allows for reminder signups, so the user won’t forget to use Uber. Users will also be offered links to download the Uber app, if they already don’t have it. They can check out the lineup right there, with car overviews. The users will also be reminded to share photos using #ChevyFreeRides as well as the hashtag from their town, to receive a Uber promo code for when chevy isn’t around, and also be entered to win their own Chevy.

Promo for this car would be surprise celebrities picking up Uber users in NYC, LA, and the like, with the users reactions filmed by hidden camera.

The footage for this would be used in places such as Hulu, as well as promoted Facebook posts.

Another way to target people for this campaign is geo-locating banner ads that will show you real-time maps of the users city, with the Chevy Ubers driving around on the map, with a link to the site.


Type: Advertising/Web Design

Role: Art Director

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